How to get the most out of Slots: 6 Tips to keep in mind

That’s right, slot machines, unlike other casino games such as poker, or to a lesser extent Black Jack or roulette, are purely games of chance, where personal skill plays a very small part in determining whether or not you will be a winner.

With slots, the main factor is fun and adrenaline, and it is ideal when you want to spend some time without thinking too much and when the purpose is mainly for fun.

However, it is possible to maximise profits and minimise losses if, before you start playing, you spend some time getting to know how slot machines work, whether they are physical or online: what options they have, what additional functions they have, whether they have bonuses, etc.

Number of reels

Traditionally, slot machines have three reels, and in fact, the most famous slot machines are the ones with three to five reels, but there are some machines equipped with up to ten reels.

The extra reels make it possible to hit bigger jackpots but make it more difficult to win lower prizes because the odds of landing 7 matching symbols will always be lower than the odds of landing 3 matching symbols.


Traditional three-reel slot machines have a single payline that depends on the combination of the reels. If the symbols form a certain combination, the machine pays. However, new machines can activate multiple paylines, both simpler and more complex, which you can activate before each spin.

By increasing the paylines, you increase your chances of winning as you are betting money on multiple paylines, so the more paylines you bet on in a single spin, the more likely it is that a combination will land on one of them.

The number of paylines depends on each slot machine: it can range from one to dozens of paylines, so it’s important to know how to choose the right slot machine for your needs. We teach you more about this in the article 6 Tips on how to choose the best slot machine.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols make slots more enjoyable and with more winning options. They can be bonus symbols that activate bonus games, free spins, instant win, double spin, wild, prize multiplier…

These are special symbols that appear on the slot machine, either triggered if they are on one of the paylines you have activated, or triggered just by appearing on the screen.

There are many different symbol times, as you can see. But the main ones are these:

Wild symbol

  • Scatter Symbol: its function is not clearly defined, it can be to trigger a bonus game, a bonus round, etc. It is activated even if it does not appear on a winning line.
  • Multiplier symbols: act as both a wild symbol and a prize multiplier.
  • Scatter symbols: activate free rounds.

Bonus Games

Many online slots often feature bonus games that are randomly triggered after a few spins, when certain bonus symbols appear on the spins.

These types of mini-games may be additional spins on a parallel screen to the game, or they may be different games where some skill is required on your part.

It is sometimes possible to win a progressive jackpot in bonus games.

Recommended Slot Machine Bonuses

Slots are the most popular games on online casino sites. As you will see in the article Types of Online Slots, there are many types of slots, with a lot of different themes and options: number of reels, bonus stages, mini-games… All this without taking into account also themed slots or slots set in different styles.

Due to its popularity, most of the bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos are mainly designed for this casino game, but they are not the only ones.

We have created a specific article where you can see the most recommended types of casino bonuses for playing slots, it is the following: Best Casino Bonuses for Slot Games

Other Slot Tricks

In addition to the tips we’ve given you on how to get the most out of slots, whether it’s choosing a slot machine or maximising the benefits of the one you choose, there are many other tips for playing and winning at slots. Some of these tips are general to any other type of casino game, especially online casino games, so it is important to keep them in mind.

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