How to play slots

Slot machine gaming rules as a means of resolving conflict situations in gaming establishments. Why should managers be competent in this area?

Why they are necessary

For every casino owner the adequacy of his staff is important. Because in the field of money and emotion, conflicts and disputes are inevitable and can be resolved peacefully through the competence of the institution’s staff. The ability to understand the principles of slot machine operation, Inbet software guarantees the coordination of casino work and good customers.

About the principles of slot machine operation

One of the first machines consisted of complex mechanisms, consisted of many details, but times have changed, today slots is a machine with a built-in generator of numbers. The screen displays the reel with the symbols that make up the combination. There are

  • common symbols;
  • bonus symbols;
  • variants;
  • wilds.

Common symbols form a combination. Bonus symbols give a random bonus in the game. “Wilds” is a similarity of the joker, they substitute for any symbol.

We focus more on variant characters or so called scatters. They constitute in a definite bonus, but they will be scattered on different reels. To receive the bonus, it is necessary to obtain a certain number of scatters.

The scatter symbol is the theme of a slot machine. It comes out chaotically, here it does not matter how many lines are selected. But the size of the bet depends on the profit. For example, one of the scatter symbols is a free spin. Such spins awaits every player and their sudden appearance gives vitality and excitement to the game. Many owners of gambling establishments in an effort to increase the influx of customers provide free spins to beginners. This is especially prevalent in online casinos when registering a new account. Also, free spins can be obtained by participating in promotions which can also be to attract people.

Many people, especially newbies, find themselves in difficulties: what is and how to bet on a line? The betting value determines only the player, the task of the house staff is only to tell what is online betting, how to make it and what it gives. It is important to draw attention to the fact that when spinning the reel, could already be set rate and the number of lines chosen, otherwise it could lead to loss.

The size of the spin does not increase the chances of winning. Many experienced players vary the size of the bet in the game, so they bring variety in the process.

How access to game logs helps

Any game, computer, slot machine is a program and in any program can happen failure or accident, resulting in a conflict situation that may arise between visitors and casino staff. To solve this problem, developers must obtain information that can provide logs and memory dumps.

Log (event history) is a file, where system information, including errors, is written. After the start of the game client the recording starts and ends only after the shutdown. Detailed information about the work of the client can be obtained from the logs. Separate game logs should be selected, if the Inbet Games software provider provides access to them in real time – it is a great advantage. Such logs help to resolve disputes arising in the course of the game. When an error occurs, you can refer to the log file, where the information is written by the program. If the problem fails to correct itself, the information in such a file can help when contacting Inbet software support.

Also the casino employee should know how it works, that will help in advising beginners and resolving conflict situations that often occur in gambling establishments.

Features and principle of the game in multi-line slots

Modern gaming machines are different from classic ones in the quality of graphics, functionality, types of jackpots. Multi-line slots are popular in all online casinos, because in addition to technical advantages, they also increase the probability of winning a serious amount of money.

The range of slots with a lot of lines makes them accessible to all categories of players, as they offer different types of bets. The classic number of lines varies between 9-25, but the range is wider: from 1 to 50 and up to 100 in the game. Beginners will find it easier to integrate into the game with 3 reels and 3-5-9 lines. A help section is also available with a table of current character values and winning ratios.

The features of multi-line slots

Besides being able to choose the number of active lines, also in internet cafes you can find models of slots with their fixed number, where you can only play on all lines at once.

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